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Sean Sharp

What I did not expect was how fast this took off here! This positioned us as an expert in the community in personal injury. Out of our first lunch-and-learn we pulled in about $25,000 in medical legal work.

- Sean Sharp, D.C.

  Rick Galloway

With PI Marketing Elite, I have tripled my PI patient base with simple and effective techniques to show the local attorneys and doctors that I can deliver a winning narrative that they would be proud to take to trial.

- Rick Galloway, D.C.

Michael Cohen As the lecture went on, the attorneys started asking me to be an expert for them. After the lecture, they all wanted to set up lunches with me. Without PI Marketing Elite, I would never have been able to do this!

- Michael Cohen, D.C.
  Bruce Bell

Since purchasing your program, we have been attracting twice as many PI patients as we were before. I believe that your program has given us the tools and the confidence to handle the increased patient load and business.

- Bruce Bell D.C., Q.M.E.

Jorge Gallardo I don’t think there’s a more well-rounded system out there than PI Marketing Elite, there’s no gimmicks involved. Before, I wasn’t even getting one PI patient a month, and now I’m getting 4-5 a month!

- Jorge Gallardo, D.C.

  Robert Pomahac

After working with two PI companies I ran across Dr. Walker’s PI Marketing Elite program and it changed my world. I now have lawyers wanting me to take on their clients. And the best thing is that now I’m getting paid for the work that is being performed.

- Robert Pomahac, D.C.

Jeffrey Draesel, Jr. I want to take this time to express gratitude for the PI Marketing Elite I purchased. The information given breaks down everything from diagnosis to reports in a clear and informative manner. I recommend PI Marketing Elite to any practitioner looking to increase PI business

- Jeffrey Draesel Jr., DC

  Lawrence Schectman (In my city) there is a Chiropractor on every corner, all focusing on PI. By following your strategies I have been able to add several new attorneys to our growing list that we work with. The webinars that you offer to your clients are excellent learning opportunities that I would highly recommend.

- Lawrence Schectman, D.C. 

Allen Thomas Dr. Walker's presentations for attorneys and MDs are COMPLETE, in that you will educate and "impress" the audience with this material, almost always generating that NEW relationship with the attorney or MD.  I used to see 2 to 3 PI patients a YEAR before I met Dr Walker.  I now see 3-4 per month as a direct result of the PI Marketing Elite Program. Lastly, my income has increased dramatically and I am expecting to achieve my first 1 million dollar year in 2012! 

- Allen Thomas, D.C.

  Jake Morgan

The PI Marketing Elite program has been a huge asset in growing my practice. Dr. Walker understands how to build and maintain a synergistic relationship with attorneys. This program provides me with a great head start on Personal Injury cases, which may have taken years to figure out.

- Jake Morgan, D.C.

Drew Kycynka PI Marketing Elite has revolutionized the PI portion of my practice.  I have looked into and participated in other PI marketing programs and I have found the greatest value with PI Marketing Elite. In the 6 months that I have been following Dr. Walker's program, we have an extra $50,000 that we would not have had, as a direct result of PI Marketing Elite.  That's a 2800% return on my investment. 

- Drew Kycynka, D.C.

  Greg Brigola I just started using Dr. Walker's PI Marketing Elite system and have to say that what he offers is pure gold to those who want to increase their PI business. I'm on a limited budget, but this is something that I know will increase my revenue significantly once I put all of the steps in place. Being a part of his program is a no-brainer.

- Greg Brigola, D.C.



“I have been in practice for 4 years now and this is the first time I have seen this material laid out in such a detailed format. Dr. Walker gives you a simple step by step plan to help increase your ability to attract PI patients from multiple sources...

Dr. Walker has pulled out the things in your report you need to add when it comes to Colossus. He teaches a very simple to use narrative that works very well with the attorneys. We’ve seen that the attorneys love the narratives and they end up increasing our case value.

The course includes a ton of really useable content, “No Fluff,” that can help any practice add to their bottom line by attracting quality PI patients and becoming the “PI Expert” in your community.

You would have to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours attending multiple seminars throughout the country to learn and obtain the amount of content that Dr. Walker has put together for us.

I began implementing the initial strategies from this course and within weeks I have already increased my referrals and professional relationships. In Mid-October I have a Lunch-and-Learn set up where I will be exclusively presenting to 50 local attorneys for CLE credits and positioning myself as an expert in the field. Just one referral easily pays for the entire course 10x over.

This “PI Blueprint” is now the cornerstone of my office procedures and it is a must have for anyone who is interested in treating PI patients, marketing, positioning yourself as a PI Expert, adding a significant amount of income to your practice, and developing professional relationships with attorneys, MDs, and other local sources."

   Ensuring your success with 3 modules to grow and expand your PI practice

Powerful marketing strategies are only half of the equation when it comes to success in personal injury. You must have the clinical excellence and confidence to be able to effectively communicate with PI attorneys and insurance companies.

For most doctors their most precious resource is time. Rather than trying to stuff one more activity into your already jam-packed schedule, PI Marketing Elite provides you with turnkey marketing videos that you can delegate to an associate, marketing rep, or staff member to watch and implement.
Done For You
The average doctor has so many activities they're juggling already that great ideas just gather dust on the shelf. This is precisely why the PI Marketing Elite system delivers new marketing pieces done for you month after month, as long as you're enrolled as a PI Marketing Elite coaching member.
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