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Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of doctors all over the country grow their PI business and succeed with PI Marketing Elite systems. The main reason that our program works is that I am a practicing chiropractor, just like you - I don’t sit in an ivory tower, I care for patients. There’s nothing special about our town, Ocala, Florida - that makes it PI friendly. We simply applied the principles that you will learn upon joining PI Marketing Elite.

Not A Cookie Cutter System!
Each and every practice has a similar set of circumstances in common, but what I have found is that most practices have a unique set of goals, staffing issues, and assorted challenges that require an combination of standardized systems with an individualized implementation plan.

To accelerate the implementation of your individualized PI Expansion plan, upon joining PI Marketing Elite, the first thing we do out of the gates is our “Quick Start Implementation Call.” This is what sets our program apart from other PI programs on the market. The implementation plan we create will be specific to your practice and the goals that you desire to accomplish.

If you’re ready to add a few new PI cases a month, or if you would like to double or triple your PI practice - ethically and honestly - join PI Marketing Elite today, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the PI practice of your dreams.


Dr. Jonathan Walker

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Getting started with PI Elite has never been easier! Simply give our office a call, or click the “GET STARTED” link below to register online. Either way you, you’ve just moments away from revolutionizing your practice!

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Ready to Go, But Still Have a Few Questions?
If you're ready to start the PI Marketing Elite Program, but have a question or two before getting rolling, simply contact us and we will call you and set up a time to answer any questions you many have.

Phone: (904) 616-1284

Quick Start Implementation Call
As the lecture went on, the attorneys started asking me to be an expert for them. After the lecture, they all wanted to set up lunches with me. Without PI Marketing Elite, I would never have been able to do this!
- Michael Cohen, D.C.

Since purchasing your program, we have been attracting twice as many PI patients as we were before. I believe that your program has given us the tools and the confidence to handle the increased patient load and business.
- Bruce Bell D.C., Q.M.E.

I used to see 2 to 3 PI patients a YEAR before I met Dr Walker. I now see 3-4 per month as a direct result of the PI Marketing Elite Program. Lastly, my income has increased dramatically and I am expecting to achieve my first 1 million dollar year in 2012!
- Allen Thomas, D.C.


I have tripled my PI patient base with simple and effective techniques to show the local attorneys and doctors that I can deliver a winning narrative that they would be proud to take to trial.

- Rick Galloway, D.C.

I have looked into and participated in other PI marketing programs and I have found the greatest value with PI Marketing Elite. In the 6 months that I have been following Dr. Walker’s program, we have an extra $50,000 that we would not have had, as a direct result of PI Marketing Elite. That’s a 2800% return on my investment.

- Drew Kycynka, D.C.

What I did not expect was how fast this took off here! This positioned us as an expert in the community in personal injury. Out of our first lunch-and-learn we pulled in about $25,000 in medical legal work.

- Sean Sharp, D.C.

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